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With more than a decade in the music industry as a Dj and a producer Toots has grown to become one of Manchester’s or rather Uk’s finest House Music Djs, and his status is still rising. Toots’ love for music began at an early age, since the time his mother bought him a keyboard when he was 9 years old-he’s never looked back.

“I remember back in my school days – when a class teacher what we all wanted to be when we got older, all the other kids mentioned-doctors, teachers, lawyers and nurses- but I stood out by saying I wanted to be a musician and I was laughed at by my classmates, hey I am one now!! isn’t that cool enough?” said Mr Toots. On his way to stardom – Toots has also performed/played in many gigs from Africa to Europe alongside some well known and respected Dj/Producers.

His professional DJ career started when his cousin who used to be a resident DJ at a famous club in Yeoville – South Africa asked him to take over the decks for a night, and guess what? He did… The crowd was pleased, so was the club manager who called him back the following week. Since then Toots has moved up the ladder to play with some big names in the Music industry and carries on to do so. If you’ve not seen his crazy stunts behind the decks, you surely need to check him out. During his sets, Toots builds a different mood which takes everyone into his own world – “Toots’ World”

In the studio Toots also produces Music for a range of different artists who are signed to his indie label (Dansflo Records) otherwise known as Dance-floor by many. His Pumping House music productions are blended with rhythmic melodies and a touch of Afro-soul into them.

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