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At the age of 13 ZAA AWARD WINNING DJ you are getting to know moved to London, UK. Simply and uniquely known as Mixolis from a Southern African City known as Bulawayo situated in Zimbabwe.

In the United Kingdom he became exposed to different types of music from Hip hop to Dance, but House & Garage was a sound that he fell in love with through listening to it on radio, friends and the culture in school, when it was really mainstream in the 90’s, another genre he secretly loved was dance although none of his friends were into that kind of music, Mixolis would listen to it at home and developed a really passion for the music.

Through listening to dance Mixolis got into HOUSE MUSIC, influenced by songs from artists like Masters at work, Mood to Swing, Frankie Knuckles stuck to his ear and have never left since… A few years later Mixolis got into introduced to Djing by Slybee, who taught him the basics of beat mixing on cdj’s and from then on he taught himself most of the stuff and even taught himself how to use vinyl decks. Around that time he was part of a crew called Touchdown Soundz. Mixolis got most of his experience from playing at various venues with Touchdown Soundz, playing at venues like Cougar Pinks, the exclusive Rex club (Piccadilly Circus in London) and a few residencies.

Mixolis’s membership with Touchdown Soundz ended in December 2007 and him and Slybee formed “Ambas’sadas”, a london DJ duo which then came to an end in 2013. Mixolis has met a lot off people over the years; some of them influential on his development is one of the most underground producers and DJ popular known as Roots O’batala aka Roots or FTL who is the owner and A & R Director of Asante Records who are famous for releasing tracks by Marlon D, Roots, Sis N Jones, Ian Friday, Glenn Underground, Joi Cardwell and Yoshihisa H as well as Boodhi Satva to name a few. Kyri ( R2 Records) www.r2records.com who have released albums from Kissey, Rhythm of elements and has shared the decks with the likes of Da Capo, Rocco, Simbad, Black Motion, DJ Kent, DJ Fresh, Charles Webster and Karizma.

Mixolis already has International Dj’n Experience through playing in venues like DJOON (Paris) and a few gigs in Zimbabwe and South Africa Mixolis is 2013 ZAA DJ of the Year and also been a finalist or Winner in a couple of DJ Competitions. His favourite genre is House Music and specialises in South African House, Deep and Soulful.

Stay tuned for more developments on Mixolis…

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