dansflo is a registered emerging events company and record label based in Manchester United Kingdom. With a passion for music which has its genre (Afro house) origins, erected from Southern Africa, dansflo seeks to provide a professional framework that allows artists from various musical backgrounds to interact, anticipate and fulfil the respective market’s ever evolving music tastes. dansflo has held numerous shows in the uk and have a residential show every month end in Germany called Afro link (A theme derived from bringing Africans abroad together through Afro music) which has been running for 2 years now and growing by strength. dansflo has its own team of deejays as well who have secured residency gigs in Manchester and London in the UK, Germany as well.

In 2017 dansflo was amongst the partners that brought hit maker Prince Kay-Bee (South African based DJ/producer) for his First ever international gig. Within the same year in 2017 For their Annual New Years Eve event managed to bring Caiiro (South African based DJ/ Afro house, Afro Tech Producer) for his first international gig as well to the UK. In 2018 Dansflo brought more artists like Lebza The Villain (South African based DJ/producer) for his first ever international break as well and 2018 saw the return of Prince Kaylee.

Furthermore dansflo have included live performance acts from vocalists such as Lebo (London based) and Oluhle (London based) Whom both numerous Afrohouse records with well-known producers. During their time so far dansflo have included a lot of Local UK DJ’s and artists on their events, and their upcoming Annual New Year’s Eve event for 2018 is comprised of talented Uk local artists and deejays and a collaboration with another events company. Dansflo is a team that believes in working with one another in the industry.